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Two in One Week! [UPDATED], posted April 7, 2009 at 05:36 PM

And this one is particularly sweet because it's a legislative decision, rather than a judicial one:


That brings to 4 the number of states that allow gay marriage. I suspect we'll see a steady trickle over the next few years--California and New York, maybe New Jersey, Hawaii, and perhaps some other Midwesterns like Wisconsin. I think we'll also see some kind of federal recognition of civil unions by the end of Obama's second term (though I suspect whatever that is will be a seriously watered-down version of traditional marriage rights).

Now if I could just get Dustin Lance Black to accept my proposal, we could have our choice of the 8% of these United States where our marriage could be performed....

I'm so glad someone is doing this kind of AWESOME blogging so that the rest of us don't have to. Marriage equality is moving forward, people, like it or not. Sure, we're gonna have some setbacks--but the march of time is unstoppable. If you haven't yet decided to support full marriage equality, take a look at the list of states in the above link and see how long you've got to change your mind. (My personal suggestion: get on the right side of history now, while the gettin' is good...).

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