Concettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

Go Away, posted March 25, 2009 at 07:56 PM

• New Willie Nelson album--Willie and the Wheel--has ol' Willie doing old-time Texas Swing with the band Asleep at the Wheel. It's wonderful.

• If you want to see what a solid progressive solution to the economic crisis looks like, start here. James Galbraith is thinking big. Really big. Here's one key quote that shows that this article is calling for deep, lasting change--not a restoration of the economy to its pre-crash staus: "No one should imagine that the swaggering, bank-driven world of high finance and credit bubbles should be made to reappear." The plan put forward in this article will never happen, but it should.

• Some progress is being made at the World Trade Center. 'Bout time.

• Fiona Carswell is fascinating. She is an artist/designer in San Francisco and New York. Check out her highly conceptual projects, like a bikini that shows its own malignant moles after it's exposed to the sun. Hat tip to Apartment Therapy for pointing Carswell out to me.

• I'm looking for a mirror for above my mantle. My god they're expensive. In my internet-based mirror hunting, I found this amazing vendor--The Mirror Lady--who has about 20 different mirrors I love. I've got my eye on this one, but the price is a bit much for me in my newfangled domestic mode. We'll see....

• Adrienne turned me on to this food blog--Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude--which I think is terrific. Wry and funny and sweet.

Have you seen the new Beyonc้ video for Diva? I gotta have some sunglasses like that!

• And finally, I am still extremely pleased that the adults are back in charge of the government:

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