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The President Wins Again, posted February 24, 2009 at 11:21 PM

When President Obama took to the podium tonight in Congress all the joy and exaltation I felt upon his electoral victory came flooding back. He looked great, and he sounded like his old gotta-have-hope self. He spoke strongly and seemed extremely comfortable in his new role. His speech laid out a bunch of specific positions, but more importantly it seemed to turn back to the more lofty, sweeping language of those past speeches of his that first catapulted him to national prominence.

On the economy, he defended what's been done so far and he hinted at what's to come (i.e. more bank bailouts. Eek.). He also sounded a note of optimism that's been missing from his media performances recently. I think he's been so concerned to lower expectations for a quick recovery that he's gotten a bit bogged down in reminding us how bad it is and how much worse it'll probably still get. So tonight he offered up an emphatic message of "we will recover." Period. Good.

When he shifted to what will be in his first budget, he really got my hopes up. The administration is refusing to back down on huge new initiatives on energy, healthcare, and education. Basically, he's going to use the economic crisis as the excuse for fixing the three biggest problems in this country. Amen. On healthcare, I loved his boast that in the first month of his administration he's done more for healthcare in this country than had been done in the past decade. Too true, Mr. President! The Children's Health bill was the first bill he signed, and I secretly hoped he'd take the pen he signed it with and poke George W. Bush's eyes out with it--alas, no such luck.

Anyway, I think he hit all the right notes tonight, and I clapped along with the Congress at his big sweeping pronouncements.

And then the Republican response was given by Gov. Jindal of Louisiana. You know what the Republicans think we ought to do for the economy? Guess quick before I tell you! Yes--Cut taxes! Cut taxes! Cut taxes! That's all they've got. That's the only thing they know how to say. Dumbasses. The president enjoys nearly 70% approval ratings. That old cut-all-taxes-all-the-time president that just left office? 28%. So Gov. Jindal, I politely request that you shut. the. fuck. up. You asshat.

If you want to read the President's speech for yourself, it's here on the White House website.

We won!!! WE WON!!!!!!

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