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About The Moon, posted February 9, 2009 at 07:31 PM

Tonight I saw Cosmo's moon as I rode my bike home. The sky was as clear as I've ever seen it--visibility as far as, well, as far as the eye could see! As I crossed Brooklyn Bridge, to the south I could see air traffic--a line of planes approaching the city, some to veer off to the east toward JFK, some to veer to the west toward LaGuardia via the Hudson River approach, and some staying on coarse to soar directly over the city toward LaGuardia via the 5th Avenue approach or the Brooklyn/Queens approach. An infinite lineup of planes in the sky, following one another, receding into the distance, with the distance between them disconcertingly visually foreshortened. The front of the line dense with speed and bright light, like the head of a comet, followed by a tail of diminishing brightness. Each small yellowish light carrying hundreds of travelers into our city.

To the north, looking left as I crossed the bridge, the moon was barely up over the city--huge and full behind the Manhattan Bridge. So low in the sky and so enormous! As I descended the Brooklyn side of the bridge and the buildings rose around me, I could catch glimpses of the moon through building windows, or between the buildings. From the final curve of the bridge's bike path, I saw a space between two warehouses connected by a footbridge, with the moon perched right on top of the footbridge, like a bird on an electrical wire. The moonlight was bright, like in the movie clip above, and the air was clear and bracingly crisp. I love New York winters.

I once wrote a poem about a winter moon....


There are many great songs about the moon. Some of my favorites are Blue Moon (I'm partial to Elvis's version, and Ella's too), Louis Prima's Che la Luna, Paul Simon's Song About The Moon, Sinatra singing Fly Me To The Moon, and this one, About The Moon by Rilo Kiley:

Rilo Kiley: About The Moon

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