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Historic!, posted August 27, 2008 at 07:03 PM

I just watched American history being made. Two names were placed into nomination at the Democratic convention--a white woman and a black man. This is simply amazing in and of itself. Major progress for equality. And about damn time.

And then the roll call of all states (and D.C. and the territories with votes) was begun. When the count got close to Obama obtaining a majority, New Mexico yielded to Illinois, and then Illinois yielded to New York--and in walked Senator Clinton (with Schumer, Paterson, Rangel, Velasquez, et al). Clinton herself moved to suspend the roll call and nominate Obama by acclamation. The place went wild. Then Pelosi asked for a second and the place went wild with thousands of seconds. And then a voice vote and, at last, the unanimous consent of delegates and the official nomination of Barack Obama to the Presidency of The United States of America by the Democratic Party. There were tears in the arena, and here in my living room too.

On the phone a couple days ago, when I mentioned the historic nature of the Dems nominating a black man, my dad told me how astounded he and my mom are--that they never expected to see in their lifetimes such an event. Tomorrow, once Obama accepts the nomination, the game is forever changed. Even if, god forbid, Obama should lose in the fall, he will have accomplished much the same thing that Clinton has accomplished: A shattering of the old ways, and a page turned on the past. We've changed our party. We've changed our country. We've made history.

Now we must go out there and do it again--even bigger and better--on November 4.

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