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Falling Leaves, posted July 26, 2008 at 04:35 PM

Ahh, Autumn in Brooklyn. It sure is lovely. Oh wait, it's July. So what the hell are all the brown leaves doing all over the streets and sidewalks? Honestly, I don't know if we're having a drought, or if global warming is fooling with Mother Nature (It's not nice to fool Mother Nature), or if this is just how we roll over here east of the East River, but the streets are covered with fallen leaves. And my downstairs neighbor was raking the back yard today. It's creepy--and annoying since I love autumn and hate summer. So, if we're gonna have autumn I'd like it to stop being 95 f-ing degrees now and let it be cool enough for me to wear a sweater.

Anyway, I rode the Prospect Park loop today for the first time.


It was just under 9 miles from my place to the park, around the loop, and home again. It was a pretty easy ride, so I kind of regret not doing the Belt Parkway path I've been itching to try, which I think will be harder (and farther). Still, I got a good workout. And I got to see the whole loop, which was smaller than expected and easier by far than the Central Park loop, which has steeper hills in a couple places. Of course, I had to take the slope up Park Slope, but then again I got to ride it right back down on the return trip.

Prospect Park was surprisingly uncrowded, even the Long Meadow which I always assume is going to be packed with picnickers, sunbathers, and frisbee-throwers. And Park Slope was all a-bustle with shoppers, diners, runner, cyclists, and baby carriages. The Slope and Carroll Gardens make my sleepy little Cobble Hill 'hood seem even sleepier. Especially under the blanket of fallen leaves we've got.

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