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I Know You Like a Horse Race, posted June 13, 2008 at 05:03 PM

If you like a horse race, I strongly recommend They compile and average the state-by-state polls for the Presidential and Senate races. The main page features a daily-updated map of the states, with roll-over pop-ups of the percentages of the latest polls; and it gives a total of electoral votes for each candidate. Looks like this:

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As the Democratic race was wrapping up, Obama was leading McCain 283 to 255. But hey hey, as the Democrats unite around Obama now, we've got him up with a MUCH bigger margin: 304 to 221 (with Virginia's 13 electoral votes tied). Now, of course, it's only June. Lots will change between now and November. But think about this: Obama leads McCain in national polls between 3 and 6 percentage points. But in 2004? Kerry never led Bush in national polling--always riding 1 to 4 percentage points behind. And he lost by a tiny margin of electoral votes.

What I'm getting at here, of course, is that if we all chip in, we are indeed going to pull this thing off. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you're serious about prevent a third Bush term via Senator McSame, please consider making a donation to Obama or to the DNC, or volunteering, or setting the record straight when the Republicans launch smears, or just making a concerted effort to discuss this important election with your family and friends. Neighbor-to-neighbor, friend-to-friend campaigning is the best and most convincing form of advocacy work anyone can do. So don't be afraid to bring up politics with your friends and family, even though it can be a touchy subject. Doesn't have to be too serious, just enough to let those around you know where you stand. If they're interested, they'll ask more.

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