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The Secular Godfather, posted June 1, 2008 at 11:57 PM

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I am honored and deeply touched to announce that I've been installed as Thea Lily Parsons's godfather, by her wonderful parents, my friends Alex and Jim. They were so adorable asking me--they said, "We know you're not religious. And we're not religious either. But we'd like you to be Thea's godfather."

This is a role I take on happily. Having agreed about the secular nature of this godfatherhood, I'm free to introduce Thea to all the gods she needs to know: Bach and Balanchine, ballet and rollercoasters, classical music and punk rock, the gods of cheese and, eventually, the gods of wine. (Don't worry, Alex, I'll wait till she's 18 (British-style)). I envision afternoons at the Met, swingsets in the park, and lots and lots of presents.

Thea is an American--born and raised (so far) in New York. Her parents are both Brits. The one other person in my life in a similar circumstance is Hardy, Anthony and Annabel's son. And he's turned out amazingly well--getting the best of both cultures, and with a rather distinctive hard-to-place accent that makes him sound both intelligent and exotic (he's both). And he's a runway model. Thea, you're just as gorgeous as any runway model as far as I'm concerned. (Shorter, though).

Reflecting on my own godmother--my cousin Diane--I am put in mind of how she has influenced me in so many ways: she introduced me to 60s rock & roll(!) and she encouraged my interest in art and books and dance. And as far as moral rolemodeling goes, I couldn't have asked for a more caring, generous, kind, and understanding godmother. I hope to be all of these things to my sweet little Thea. Here's a loving shout-out to Alex and Jim for asking me.

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