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Elect This Man, posted March 16, 2008 at 02:46 AM

"Little pieces of America all in me."

It's a great speech--and with all of his ums and ahs he's obviously going off the teleprompter here. But don't get sucked in by what he says in the beginning or the middle. For as wonderful as it all sounds, the only point that truly matters comes right at the very end--right in the last 20 seconds. We cannot solve our problems while divided. Period. If we want to solve the healthcare problem, we have to come together to do so. If we want to fix the economy? We have to come together--we cannot be divided.

I've said plenty of harsh things about Senator Clinton. (She's deserved them all). But let me say this in her favor. She is intelligent and capable, and if she wins she'll be a better president than we've had since LBJ. Yes, better (by far) than her husband was, I am certain. But we have the opportunity here to have a president that can move an agenda forward like no one since FDR himself. And it is on us to elect him. It is also on us, let me remind you, to hold his own feet to the fire for a solid four--or eight--years after November 4. We have to pressure him, we have to cajole him. In fact, we have to inspire him. You read me right: it is us who have to inspire him. After we elect him, it's our turn to do the work.

But let's elect him first. Please watch this from start to finish. Then let's talk about who's gonna be the better president.

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