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Senator Schumer, Tortured, posted November 6, 2007 at 10:48 AM

Senator Schumer is full of it. In a NY Times op-ed today, his feeble attempt at justifying his support for President Bush's AG nominee is itself tortured with contradictions. Torture is illegal, but Mukasey is right for the job even though he does not view it as illegal. Presidential power must be reined in, but Mukasey is right for the job even though to the Judicial Committee he testified that "it depends" on the situation whether the president has to obey the law! Mr. Schumer, your morally corrupt actions are why the American people approve of the Congress even less than they approve of Bush. When are the Democrats going to realize that they hold a winning hand--all they have to do to play it is oppose this administration at every turn. Yes, be obstructionist! Someone's got to block this insane regime from doing any more damage to our country and our world. And the American people would love the Congress if only they'd take this situation in hand and smack this president down. I'm disgusted. And Schumer is my own senator--he represents one of the most liberal states in the union. We are not being represented here. Instead, he's doing an end-run around the very people who put him into office. So disgusted. So sick of it.

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