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Another Miserable Anniversary, posted September 11, 2007 at 05:06 PM

It's depressing to be in downtown Manhattan today. Not because it's a sad day of remembrance, but because this anniversary only underscores what a weak, pathetic, foolish, cynical, scary government we have. The right-winger monsters who run this country have so terrified the masses that the public not only allowed them to start a war with the wrong people, but now allow them to continue that war indefinitely. Polls show the public wants a timetable for withdrawal. But the public is now doing nothing to make that happen True, the people put the Dems back in power in Congress in last year's elections, but predictably the Dems have done nothing to use that power to stop this war.

3000 Americans dead. Osama Bin Laden left free to continue his media campaign (definitely part of the general campaign of fear used by the Bush administration). 3774 Americans dead in Iraq. Close to 30,000 Americans wounded in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead. All for nothing more than billions in war profits for Halliburton. That there are not riots in the streets and mass strikes and protests all over this country is unfathomable. Instead, we give lip service at 9/11 memorials, then patriotically go shopping.

I watched the World Trade Center towers burning. I saw people jump rather than await the death that was coming for them through fire or smoke. I saw the buildings collapse into dust. We New Yorkers stood on the street together, we cried together, and we lived bruised lives together in the weeks and months that followed. We look to our government to pursue the people who did this. We look to our government to work toward eliminating the hatred others feel toward our country, not exacerbate it. And we look to our government to respect us, and to keep us duly informed and empowered in the life-and-death decisions that are being made in our name.

Our government has betrayed us.

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