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We're Getting There, posted June 19, 2007 at 12:21 PM

marriage.gifSlowly but surely, equal marriage rights are making their way through the political process in New York. First, we finally dumped old pissyface Pataki from the governor's office. Gov. Spitzer kept his campaign promise to introduce legislation legalizing same-sex marriage, sending the bill to the State Assembly in April. Well, it has now passed committee, and looks like it will get a vote before the legislature breaks for summer at the end of this week. News reports say it's going to pass the Assembly. Great!

It will not, of course, pass the Republican-led State Senate. As soon as the Assembly passes the bill we can expect gay rights groups to start some serious lobbying of the Senate. That effort may lead to getting some of the moderates to move their position to the YES column, but it will not be enough to overcome the general conservative nature of the Senate. So that leaves us with one option: we must take back the Senate in November 2008.

I'm pretty fed up with the presidential race already (and we're still six months out from the first primaries). So I think my political efforts this cycle might be better spent on key State Senate races. After all, if we can gain equal marriage rights in New York that will be all the more incentive for me to find a boyfriend. Because as you know, this is all about me. Heh.

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