Concettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

NeverLost at the Wedding, posted March 30, 2007 at 12:34 AM

ssssss.gifI went to Florida! I know, I apologize. The state that gave us George W. Bush. But not really--I mean, he did actually lose Florida. But that's oil under the bridge at this point. What's important is that my lovely cousin Sarah got married. It was a beautiful and joyous ceremony on the beach. And a rehearsal dinner with ribs and corn on the cob! And brunch. And cocktails. Needless to say it was nonstop party for three days straight. I don't know Sarah's husband Josh very well, but the look in his eyes was clear--he loves her immensely. Sarah Pierre nee Srnec will always and forever hold a very special place in my heart. She's the first person in the world who as a kid loved me unconditionally and with great passion. Nothing in the world can beat the feeling of a precious little child simply beaming love in your direction, and that's what Sarah will always be to me. But the best part is that she has grown into a woman whose love is still flows with the same wonderful openness. My cousin Matt--her "little" brother--gave a toast that made us cry. Obviously, my first cousins, their parents, did something seriously right with these kids.

And the rest of the trip was a series of simple pleasures. My parents booked a place on the beach for us, and so my immediate family all gathered there and clung together with the kind happiness that says--it's ain't Christmas, we don't have to cook, and let's hit the beach! And we did. And it was good.

We were in Siesta Key, in the Sarasota area. Absolute geographical beauty. I mean, the sand where we were staying was as soft and white as enriched flour. The Gulf was a sea. The sun was a bitch, and we stood obediently beneath her, quivering in our SPF-45, in our swim trunks, in our long-sleeves, in our white-whale-on-a-beach-ness. The roads were causeways. The bridges were bridges, or draw bridges, or causeways. The distant shores were Mexico, New Zealand, the beach at Normandy. The ice cream was cold, the fish was fresh, the sunsets were paintings. As the She-It of our rental car's NeverLost was fond of saying: You have arrived. That's how we felt the whole weekend.

[I'll try to post some pictures soon. My camera is on it's last pixel, so I don't have much to post, but a few good ones... Soon.]

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