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An Open Letter To Three Friends, posted February 18, 2007 at 12:17 AM

Dear C., and C., and C.,

It was great to see you at dinner the other night.

I was surprised to learn of your support of the war in Iraq and your support of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's position to continue our current policy on that war. I respect your view that we should not withdraw our troops from the current situation.

While I strongly disagree with that view, I am reassured about it because you clearly have a love of country and a shared hope for the well-being of the world in mind when making the choice to support the continued military effort in Iraq. This great love of yours of the United States' mission in Iraq is all the more inspiring when I reflect on the fact that the three of you are yourselves a green-card holder/permanent resident in his mid-twenties, a gay male citizen in his forties, and a gay male citizen perhaps older than his forties, respectively, each of whom feels it would be wrong to withdraw our troops from the Iraq war at this time.

In light of your view, and with utmost respect, I offer you this link,

U.S. Army Recruiting

which will allow you to sign up and serve in the United States Army. Of course you already know that the military these days is hard-pressed to fill its recruitment quotas, so your signing up with the Army, as an able-bodied 20-something, an able-minded 40-something, and a wealthy 50-something, respectively, who are all certainly smart enough and (probably) physically capable of fighting, is really a gift to this country that we could not have foreseen when respectively granting you permanent residency within our borders and signing the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. What a wonderful opportunity to serve this country of ours by signing up to fight in the war you have acknowledged is so important to continue! Thank you!

Though I personally do not think we should continue to sacrifice the lives of our troops for a regional conflict we have already lost, as a citizen I am honored to be able to share with you at this time this link to the US Army's recruitment site:

U.S. Army Recruiting

Thank you committing to this country's current administration's foreign policy goals, and thank you in advance for signing up to serve in the Iraq war which until now you have only supported verbally at dinner parties.

My very best regards, humbly yours,

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