Concettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

News, Politics, Games, and Fortune Correction™, posted February 17, 2007 at 08:41 AM

NYC has been giving away condoms for a long time. But now they've branded one an official condom for the city. It's distributed to any organization who wants them (lots of bars, some retail stores, etc), and individuals can get them for free at any of these places. I like the new branding a lot (a riff on the subway branding of Helvetica letters inside colored circles). So kudos to Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, our health commish. They launched on Valentines Day with a lot of double entendres in the media and advertising ("New York, we've got you covered"). And hey, it was one more opportunity for The New York Times to further prove its descent into the mainstream media trend of spewing right-wing talking points for no other reason than they can. At the end of the Times' article about the condom program, they turn to get an opinion from--who else?--that pig Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, a conservative group based in, um, Tupelo, Mississippi. Am I the only one thinks "Who gives a shit what this asshole in Tupelo thinks about our free condoms in NYC?!" His opinion is simply not relevant in this case, especially because he doesn't even object to the program! If there was some kind of real political resistance to the program, that would be newsworthy, especially if it was local. But some prudish asshole down in Mississippi thinks that "as a Christian, I would say sex should be saved for marriage" but adds that he understands what our health department's trying to do? Give me a break. Since when is the Times in the business of giving away free advertising to right-wing nuts who are still living in the Dark Ages? The perception of the Times as a liberal paper is based on its editorial page. It's news division spouts right-wing talking points just as much as any other mainstream media outlet.

--Who's one of the best and most powerful speakers in the US Congress today? Tim Ryan, Democrat representing the Youngstown/Canton area of Ohio. Who'd-a-thunk it? Ryan has been wowing hard-core Democrats with powerful oratory and strong convictions. Dude's just not afraid to call the Republicans on their bullshit. 'Bout time, I'd say. Check out these two powerful clips from yesterday during the debate about the resolution to oppose Bush's escalation of the war. The first clip is his speech--note how he really strikes a nerve, as the Republicans start shouting in the background and interrupting him! The second clip is his rebuttal to a rebuttal to his speech. Good stuff, really really good:

--There are tons of articles lately about Second Life, an online virtual world in which people can, um, live, I guess. It's a strange sort of game--open an account, create an avatar, and then live a life in this virtual world. I don't really see the point, but millions of people are doing it. But I stumbled on this funny parody of it which made me crack up: Get a First Life!

--And now: Fortune Correction™:
Marijane's family sent her a sweet Valentine's Day package to the office. Included were a number of loose fortunes. We each drew one and while Marijane and Mark were satisfied with theirs, Michelle and I were disappointed. Let's fix that:

First mine. Original Fortune:
"Be assertive when decisive action is needed."
"Be an ass and decide against needed actions."

Now Michelle's. Original Fortune:
"What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve."
"What the mind can deceive and aggrieve is now your pet peeve."

Sorry, Michelle.

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