Concettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

Thoughts, + Fortune Correction™, posted February 4, 2007 at 11:27 PM

Just trying to collect my thoughts here, as I bounce around from one dirty corner of my apartment to another (the holes in my bathroom ceiling, bathroom wall, and kitchen wall have been fixed, resulting in a thick layer of dust coating every surface in my little apartment. Today has been a cleaning marathon):

-Went to the ballet last night, my first night of the season. My take: NYCB is running the risk of having far too few leading men--it's time to promote or recruit a new cache of male principals; the corps looked to be extremely well-rehearsed for once, yay!; the orchestra sounded great too, especially on the Stravinsky violin concerto--how wonderful that NYCB has gotten its musical act together--for far too long the orchestra sounded like the Youngstown Youth Symphony.

-Read this short essay about the evil of contemporary conservative political thought.

-Been having a ball with YouTube lately. Check out this great clip of Sinatra & Elvis singing together:

-Two new babies to report! (click images for larger):

Frances Fay Conti. Congratulations to Chris & Kelly!

David Win Berkson. Congratulations to Josh & Stephanie!

(NOTE: These two newborns were not "separated at birth"--one is in Columbus, Ohio, while the other is in New York, New York. It's just that all newborn babies look the same. Also, is it my imagination, or is Little Mr. Berkson giving us the finger?!?!?!)

-My new computer has a built-in camera. If yours does too, email me and we'll do video chat. Mine takes pictures with a "flash" (in which the screen flashes white to illuminate my face!). It also has all these "arty" filters to make one look more creative than one really is. See:

-And now... [drumroll]: Fortune Correction™: Friends & Siblings Edition
Stephanie decided to order-in instead of cooking for herself (a woman after my own heart). Alas, she was delivered a rather boring fortune, in which the obvious is dressed up to be wisdom. Please, allow me to fix that.

Original Fortune:
"Rely on long time friends to give you advice with your present question."
"My advice: Lie for a long time on questionable friends until they give you presents."

Do I know my sister, or what?

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