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Feingold Keeps Pushing, posted January 30, 2007 at 06:34 PM

This video was made before today's Judiciary Committee hearing on Congress's power to end the war. And Senator Feingold followed through with actions just as he promises in this video. Take a look:

Here's what he said in the Judiciary meeting today:

Tomorrow, I will introduce legislation that will prohibit the use of funds to continue the deployment of U.S. forces in Iraq six months after enactment. By prohibiting funds after a specific deadline, Congress can force the President to bring our forces out of Iraq and out of harmís way.

This legislation will allow the President adequate time to redeploy our troops safely from Iraq, and it will make specific exceptions for a limited number of U.S. troops who must remain in Iraq to conduct targeted counter-terrorism and training missions and protect U.S. personnel. It will not hurt our troops in any way Ė they will continue receiving their equipment, training and salaries. It will simply prevent the President from continuing to deploy them to Iraq. By passing this bill, we can finally focus on repairing our military and countering the full range of threats that we face around the world...

...If and when Congress acts on the will of the American people by ending our involvement in the Iraq war, Congress will be performing the role assigned it by the founding fathers Ė defining the nature of our military commitments and acting as a check on a President whose policies are weakening our nation.

There is little doubt that decisive action from the Congress is needed. Despite the results of the election, and two months of study and supposed consultation -- during which experts and members of Congress from across the political spectrum argued for a new policy -- the President has decided to escalate the war. When asked whether he would persist in this policy despite congressional opposition, he replied: "Frankly, thatís not their responsibility...."

Oh how I wish Feingold would have stayed in the presidential race--if for no other reason than to pull the primary debate into the realm of reality. This man is hero. He speaks with more integrity than anyone else in the Senate. Please do two things for me:
1. call your two Senators and ask them to support Feingold's new legislation that calls for withdrawal of troops in 6 months. Tell them that a non-binding resolution is not enough. We want the war to end now.
2. Please give a contribution to Feingold's group, Progressive Patriots. They will help recruit, train, and fund more progressive candidates like Feingold. Even a $5 donation is helpful. While you're there, sign the petition! (Okay, that three things. Just do it.)

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