Concettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

Holiday Blur, posted January 7, 2007 at 04:51 PM


Let's give up on New Year's Resolutions. It's too random. Christmas came and went in a blur of wine and cookies this year, and New Year's Eve even more so, though with whiskey and meatballs. By the end of the party I was polishing off the champagne straight from the bottles.

New Year's Eve by the numbers:
50 meatballs
4 pounds of spaghetti
4 pounds of sausage
15 bottles of champagne
0 broken tubs
1 bathroom sink pulled out of the wall
2 hook-ups!
2.5 French teenagers
7 broken glasses
1 guest up and down the fire escape
1 lost cell phone
0 crying girls
1 bruise
3 different kinds of homemade ice cream sandwiches (praline gingerbread, chocolate banana, malted milk chocolate, all expertly made by Paula!)
2 kinds of homemade candy (pistachio torrone and caramels, also made by Paula!)
1 subsequent foggy New Year's Day custom-made for strolling the Central Park at misty dusk...

Yesterday was the warmest January 6 in New York history. 71 degrees. Celsius.

Happy New Year. Let's hope it's not the last one. More pix here.


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