Concettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

Election Results, posted November 8, 2006 at 11:51 AM

On Monday I made my predictions. So, how'd I do?

Well, I absolutely nailed it on the house--I predicted Dems taking control with a 230-205 margin. Read it and weep:


To be honest, not all of those races are definitively decided yet, so the numbers may change. But still--I was dead on. I look forward to Speaker Pelosi leading the House and I am hoping that we will finally have some oversight of this miserable administration.

In the Senate, I came close to calling it right. We did keep every Dem seat, including New Jersey and Maryland. And Lieberman did win. As I predicted, we picked up Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. I said we'd lose Missouri, but we won it! I said we'd win Montana, and we may yet. I said we'd lose Virginia, and we may yet. Tennessee, as I predicted, proved itself a racist state.

And how'd I do on the specific races I supported? Here's the skinny:

NJ Senate - I did phonebanking - WON
CT Senate - I did phonebanking - LOST
CT-05 - I did phonebanking - WON
NY-24 - I did phonebanking - WON
NC-08 - I gave money - not yet called but looks like LOSS
MT-Senate - I gave money - not yet called but looks like WIN
CA-11 - I gave money - WON
NY State Senate 41 - I gave money - LOST

And finally, the heartbreaker: In CO-04, the race I gave the most money to and the most love to, evil Marilyn Musgrave, one of the 10 worst members of congress, kept her seat despite the fantastic campaign run by Angie Paccione.

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