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Fashion Week, posted September 13, 2006 at 08:57 PM


It's fashion week here in NYC--well, it's Olympus Fashion Week to be branded about it. They set up big tents in Bryant Park which hold the main runways on which the bigwig designers parade their newest creations. Bryant Park is a good spot for it, situated as it is near what used to be called the Garment District but which has now been rechristened the Fashion District (bleh).

I was lucky enough (friends in high places!) to again get standing-room access to the Michael Kors show today. We started backstage and gawked at alien-looking models. Then we headed out to the bigtop for the models' parade. It's always thrilling when the lights go down, the music cranks up, and the first ghostly model slinks down the catwalk. The press at runway's end start flashing their bulbs and socialites lining the front rows begin planning next year's wardrobe.

The Kors show today was really good. Paula's contribution, of course, is to the knitwear, so I paid most attention to that. And I might be accused of bias, but honestly, for me the knitwear was the high point of this collection. The women's sweaters especially were terrific, with big, curvy lapels and lots of draping and soft edges. We saw some swimsuits with insanely high-cut legs. We saw leotard-looking tops with soft jersey skirts (The Dance--especially post-rehearsal--was the Theme of the show). The men's stuff from Kors is always more straight-forward and classic. I loved every jacket for the men, especially a hooded windbreaker that was cropped pretty short.

The music was loud, and it was filled with things I like (Prince, Justin, and showtunes), but it felt flat to me, at least in comparison to the fabulous music used in Kors' last two shows. But this is the most un-theatrical form of theater--the clothes, after all, are the name of the game. So who cares if the music didn't work as well.

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