Concettina Died and Other Stories of the East Side

Back-to-school special: How I Spent My Summer, posted September 5, 2006 at 08:15 PM

Dear Homeroom Teacher Miss Kinkel,
Here is what I did this summer:

I rode the Circle Line Ferry with my Aunt from Ohio and my cousin from New York. It was kind of rainy, but it was evening so it made the harbor look misty and mysterious. The next day my aunt caught some cupcakes on fire! One day I ran around the city like a crazy person trying to score free tickets to a Belle & Sebastian show for me and my friends. Running around in the heat like that turned out to be worth it because I scored four tickets! However, in the end it wasn't worth it because it turned out I couldn't make it to the concert anyway. :( I met the physical embodiments of some people I previously knew only online at a fundraiser for Brian Keeler who's running for New York State Senate in Dutchess County, and that's an important race because once the Democrats win back the State Senate we might have a chance to have marriage equality for all New Yorkers and undo the injustice put upon us by the crusty old (in)justices at the NY State Court of Appeals. I saw some movies but nothing I need to write home about, so to speak, except for an early 60s Louis Malle film called The Fire Within, which is about a man saying goodbye to his world and then shooting himself in the heart. Sorry for the spoiler but it's not even on DVD so you can't even see it. It was very bleak but I was with my friend Chris Conti The Whip™ and we went to Little Italy afterward and ate zabaglione so I didn't despair too much. Even though I'm getting old now I can still dance, and I did dance for a good long time one night to the great beats of Ben Watt--the experience was very much like last year. I went to a wedding and danced there too. So did a dragon. That happened to be on the 14th anniversary of my moving to New York. The end.

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